What's new

08/Sep/2020: MosaicBase is published on line on Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics .

30/Aug/2020: The layout of the website is updated.

05/Mar/2020: MosaicBase is offically released on BioRxiv.

27/Jul/2019: Functional annotations and prediction results for all variants are added.

12/Jul/2019: The website now supports multiple gene search, hg38 coordinates, and table download in .xls format.

25/Oct/2018: The website is updated and bugs are fixed. The backend of MosaicBase is redeposited to cloud-based server.

20/Jun/2018: Mosaic variants from 113 publications form are available in MosaicBase.

20/Aug/2016: Mosaic variants from 43 publications are available in MosaicBase.

15/Jun/2016: The website of MosaicBase is deposited online.

20/Dec/2015: Mosaic variants from 227 publications from 1989 to 2015 have been collected in MosaicBase.

07/Feb/2014: The first publication is collected.


Yang X., Yang C., Zheng X., Xiong L., Tao Y., Wang M., Ye A.Y., Wu Q., Dou Y., Luo J., Wei L., and Huang A.Y. 2020. MosaicBase: A Knowledgebase of Postzygotic Mosaic Variants in Noncancer Disease-related and Healthy Human Individuals. Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics. Sep 8:S1672-0229(20)30098-X. PMID: 32911083
doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gpb.2020.05.002



Xiaoxu Yang
Changhong Yang
Xianing Zheng
August Yue Huang
Liping Wei (PI)


Center for Bioinformatics
School of Life Science
Peking University
Beijing, 100871, P.R. China