Variant ID 22606
Entrez Gene ID 6323
Gene SCN1A (GeneCards)
Location hg19 2:166927525-166927525
hg38 2:166071015-166071015
Disease Asymptomatic
Method Single cell Sequencing Cell cloning
Mutation(HGVS format) NC_000002.11:g.166927525 G>A (Genome Assembly: GRCh37)

Other information

Exon or Intron NA
Position in protein NA
Amino acid changes in protein NA > NA
Position in cDNA NA
Changes in cDNA NA > NA
mRNA accession NA
mRNA length NA
Reference length 243199373

Annotations and predictions

MAF in gnomAD genome (version 2.0.1) 0.0274
SNP ID (dbSNP ID version 137) rs17800893
EIGEN score -0.1306
CADD Raw score (version 1.3) 0.042624 (Deleterious)
FATHMM raw prediction score 0.11081 (Tolerated)
Deleterious probability by DeFine 0.6653 (Deleterious)
Entrez Gene ID 6323 (NCBI Gene)
Official Gene Symbol SCN1A (GeneCards)
Number of variants in SCN1A in this database 187 (view all the variants)
Full name sodium voltage-gated channel alpha subunit 1
Band 2q24.3
Other IDs Vega: OTTHUMG00000044173
OMIM: 182389
HGNC: HGNC:10585
Ensembl: ENSG00000144285
Other names FEB3, FHM3, NAC1, SCN1, SMEI, EIEE6, FEB3A, HBSCI, GEFSP2, Nav1.1
Summary Voltage-dependent sodium channels are heteromeric complexes that regulate sodium exchange between intracellular and extracellular spaces and are essential for the generation and propagation of action potentials in muscle cells and neurons. Each sodium channel is composed of a large pore-forming, glycosylated alpha subunit and two smaller beta subunits. This gene encodes a sodium channel alpha subunit, which has four homologous domains, each of which contains six transmembrane regions. Allelic variants of this gene are associated with generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures and epileptic encephalopathy. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. The RefSeq Project has decided to create four representative RefSeq records. Three of the transcript variants are supported by experimental evidence and the fourth contains alternate 5' untranslated exons, the exact combination of which have not been experimentally confirmed for the full-length transcript. [provided by RefSeq, Oct 2015]

Individual #1

Individual ID 29217587.01 (view all the variants in this individual)
Pubmed ID 29217587
Whose mosaic mutation Normal  
Phenotype 1  
Disease Asymptomatic

Publication #1: 29217587

Pubmed ID 29217587
Title Different mutational rates and mechanisms in human cells at pregastrulation and neurogenesis.
Journal Science
Publication date 2018.02
Disease Asymptomatic
Number of cases cases of unknown sex: 3;